[17.10.42] Added three new sales reports

My explanations were just an example I’m meaning for all reporting system.

I want and need to creat in the easiest way all the reports in manager

Example 1: I need “monthly reports” for General Profit Loss Statement so Manager can creat monthly report according to my desired date ranges. And the same for balance sheet.

(Monthly reports start from the first day of month until the last fay of month. I think many users care their monthly operations during this period. )

Example 2 :I want to check all tracking codes’ profit-loss statements on the report but I have 100 tracking codes.It is really hard to select one by one. Manager can creat automatically the codes according to my desired date ranges.

So my point is not about one section of manager. I’m asking Is it possible to extend these time saving things to apply into manager ? (Especially for reports part)

What did you label for the tracking codes? That is a lot of tracking.

I’d like to bring again to your notice the need to have Reports being exportable to Excel. Its quite a standard especially when further analysis/filtering by the users needs to be done.
Please keep up the good work and hope to see you include this in subsequent releases.

Reports already are exportable, @Zion. See https://www.manager.io/guides/10645.

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Hi to all

I have noticed that the report “Sales Invoice Totals by Customer” are not the same with the figure of “Income” in the Summary Sheet.
The first include VAT the second No.
I think this has to be fixed

There are two reasons for this:

  • The report, Sales Invoice Totals by Customer," gives the total of sales invoices, just as its title says. That means it includes taxes. The various income accounts, whatever they may be titled, include only the portion of sales invoices posted to income, and do not include taxes.

  • Income accounts may also include sales via receipts. As described in this Guide, the report includes only sales invoices: https://www.manager.io/guides/12310. Once again, this behavior exactly matches the title of the report.

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Thank you so much,

Is it possible to add percentages % into reporting?


percentage of what?
please be clear with questions.

most probably, the changes between the current and last year(s) of financial report performance in %

Not generating Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field
when we create this it will image

than show thi

please resolve issue

looks like you did not select a custom field

Here’s an example from the test business

which is i can select for sale reports ??

No harm trying all of it, right? if yourself still not sure what you want.

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report is not create

explain, what is your expectation, and what do you mean by ‘report is not create’, by uploading the image and your narration.

We don’t understand with very minimal description.

Take your time read the guide and point to us which you are stuck with. I assume you have yet read the guide how it works.

i required this report .

If you need Sales Invoice Totals by Item, create that report. Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field is a totally different report and will not produce what you showed in your last post.

thanks for help .