Bug in "Inventory Quantity Summary" Report"

CF014 had high number of transactions that’s why i used CF022 as an example for you to understand, it’s fine i have now sent db to support to get their input.

Fixed in the latest version (19.11.63)


Thanks alot :slight_smile:

version 19.11.67

inventory kits sold items are deducted correctly - inventory per item is updated (has been deducted) BUT the “inventory quantity report” does not show the movement under sales column. Can’t it be captured in the report? thanks @lubos

@JVScpa you are right. Moving back to bugs category.

@lubos, is this also an opportunity to correct the absence of inventory kits from the Inventory Profit Margin report: Inventory Profit Margin report bug when Inventory Kits are sold - #7 by lubos?

Any update on this ???

In the latest version, I’m not able to reproduce the original bug anymore however I’m not sure what has caused it in the first place so it could be still present. @Asif_Hussain can you check?

What about the inventory kit issue that caused you to put this topic back into the bugs category?

the production order is not showed on inventory quantity summary report.

can you please check the issue?

Hi Lubos. The bug is still there. I have an item which should have no stock anymore since 2018, but the report shows i have an opening balance.

The Inventory Value Summary report though show the correct value. I get the correct quantity if I use the current price.

This does not show anything except a possible entry or counting error at some point in the past. To know whether there is a flaw in the program, you would need to audit the history of purchases and sales of the particular inventory item. And, of course, the date range matters greatly.

This could also be the result of entry errors. You may have entered a transaction with a wrong quantity or an incorrect price. Again, a full audit of the item’s history is called for. Values and quantities are accounted for separately.

What are you referring to? Neither the Inventory Quantity Summary nor Inventory Value Summary allows input or makes any use of of inventory item unit prices. In fact, you specify nothing but the date range.

Perhaps some images could help to clarify (products name been redacted for privacy)

This is the inventory as of today’s date with the average price.
Please focus a product which start with letters “De” (only 1 product) and that item has been sold out since 2018 thus the current stock is 0.

This is the inventory value summary report from Des 1st - today (Des 2nd)
The closing balance of each product are the same as the ones in Inventory Item table and so is the total.

This is the Inventory Quantity summary report. It shows product “De” has a opening balance (which should not in this case)

I have a manual calculation as well on my inventory.
The inventory table and inventory value summary report show the same numbers,
except the Inventory Quantity Summary report.

I think either the bug is in Inventory Quantity Summary report or it’s in the other places such as Inventory Item table, Inventory Value Summery report and the breakdown of item’s transactions.

This is another image which shows the last 3 transaction of this particular product.

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Please try the latest version (19.11.70)

I’m using cloud version. Do I need to just refresh the browser or do I need to logout and log back in?

update. logout and log back in. Tested on my tablet and phone as well. No change

another update:
I was checking the balance and the transactions by using smaller date range.
Please test using inventory write off and check the report.
Probably the inventory write off transactions does not get added into the equation for Inventory Quantity summary report.

What would help is if you answer the questions that were asked and report on the suggested actions, neither of which you have done. There may be a bug. But, to know whether there is an error, you must trace the history of the item, not just show reports you say are wrong.

In addition to previous suggestions, I wonder whether you have the box checked for the Inventory Value Summary to suppress items with no movement. That alone could explain why your item “De” appears on one report and not another.

Hi Tut,

I have exported all transactions for the particular item (which in this case item “De”), the transactions and the balance are correct as expected as shown in the inventory item table.

The prices I use are the average prices shown in Inventory Item table.

I have checked both reports do not have the box checked.

This I am sure

Your comment is still not clear. As I said, neither report allows you to input any price information. So how can you “get the correct quantity if I use the current price?”

I worked out the quantity by dividing the balance from Inventory Value Summary report with its corresponding price (average price from Inventory table). The quantity matches with my physical quantity in storage.