Batch Create and Update Date fields Bug

Dear @lubos,

I’m facing a bug with batch create under Bank Reconciliations.

First of all here are my preferences:

As you can see I’m importing data in the correct format compliant with my actual preferences (and also in the same format of batch update!)

the result is a complete mess:

Manager doesn’t recognise dates and numbers format. This didn’t happen before since the excel file I am using for importing values from my various banks used to works correctly.

I am having a similar problem with processing batch update. For dates from the 1st to the 12th each month the day and month are being switched on import.

I have Manager preference set to DD/MM/YYYY and have only batch updated sales invoices at this stage. I will be be batch updating purchases invoices soon and see if the same effect is happening with these.

I found that formatting the dates in Excel as MM/DD/YYYY solves the problem. I had to set up a “custom” date format in Excel for this.

PS. The same effect is happening with batch update of purchase invoices.
Version 20.9.79

I think what you are seeing is a result of how Excel stores dates as integer values, counting from a starting point. The conversion to mm/dd/yyyy or any other format is only a display convention. You need to be aware of what is actually being pasted back into Manager in TSV format, which may not be what you see when arranging data to copy from the spreadsheet.

Paste from your spreadsheet to a simple text editor prior to paste into Manager is an easy way to check for this

This did not work for me, still can’t batch create or update anything. Literally nothing is working or changing even when editing lines in manager itself.

In did any kind of testing and the format is coherent with my preferences. Also take into consideration that a month ago (I do this sync once a month) everything used to work without any issue. Something must have been changed.

If I change settings in my Excel file to this format everything works fine:

BankAccount Date ClosingBalance
dfc7b35a-1c93-498a-8558-4b6ab07ab67d 2020-09-30 433278.25
add75774-a740-410f-b203-a6426336c6ac 2020-09-30 260.85
71670fa6-cc2d-45de-8ed4-6d80d0adb1f3 2020-09-30 47.13
6737b461-752e-43c0-a6dd-3a65e2700b4e 2020-09-30 238361.74
0eae3b86-0644-4fa0-8f95-14b38cf1337d 2020-09-30 74.51
e62a0776-be8d-4f77-90bb-c0de8211f721 2020-09-30 77.27
b9e849e5-8901-4cf8-8c79-8e1d58eaed84 2020-09-30 3422.09
75e47715-0c07-476f-a189-18049b2c6c49 2020-09-30 170.26
0febcb15-5325-4b6f-a3e5-565dedc39566 2020-09-30 11960.4
d6ec4c50-bbda-4a5a-8dc1-31d8980b6664 2020-09-30 4863.22
37593945-9267-4615-9800-c8ce43d7aeb5 2020-09-30 3889.01
804fc75d-b9cc-45b4-9278-19cc629565cc 2020-09-30 2341.42
68566eb6-9fd7-48d1-ae6a-eeaa71300d86 2020-09-30 506477.42

this happens indipendently from the Preferences of format set under Manager.

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By the way in Batch Create under Journal Entries I should use amounts with decimals with comma instead of dot.

To add to this topic, @lubos, Manager fails to batch create or batch update the content of Custom date fields (Nothing is displayed)
When data is copied from Manager and pasted into a spreadsheet, the custom dates appear but in General Number formatting, unlike the Default Date field which maintains Date number formatting.

This issue should be fixed in the latest version (20.10.59)

Dear @lubos, I still have the same issue under Bank Reconciliation Batch Create.

Not fixed yet, still facing issue while batch update, sales invoice, receipt and payments

I have many issue with dates too. In batch create, batch update and even in custom reports. I think that @lubos should spend sometime to check consistency all around the software.

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date issue is still there, we are on 20.10.92,

Having same issue, any solution yet?

Dear All,

Date issue can be fixed by choosing “12-Jan-21” format. Manager works well with this format.

Dear @lubos, Something is wrong with the number formatting… I have tried many options in order to make correct batching but i haven’t figured out yet… After creating batch, number format fails… Is there anything that we missing any point with this ?

Would be so nice if you have some answers, Thanks in advance.

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This would be easier to understand if you posted some screenshots illustrating the problem

It would also help to know what version of the program you are using.

I had the same problem I have discovered that if you aren’t updating the date then delete the date column from excel. The rest of the data will be updated based on the key and the dates will not be messed up.

I wasted a lot of hours on this until I realized I didn’t need the date.

you can fix this by setting the date format in excel as date and time like in the photo below
I faced the same problem with the batch process but when I changed the date format every thing worked as it should be