Data changed overnight

I woke up and noticed that postings have been moved to the future (for example December) and many transaction from the past have been changed as the decimal coma has been removed (for example 1.073,53 has become 107.353,00).

What happened?

cloud server, local server or desktop version?


It seems it is mainly related to interaccount transfers

And it seems Manager changed the date from the European format DD/MM/YYYY to the American format MM/DD/YYYY. So now I guess I have to change all the dates again…

Ok it seems everything has been messed up! All postings have been changed to the American format so all postings now are all wrong. Wonderful!

changing the date format is done under the preferences tab.

If your preferences have changed that would indicate a change in the cloud version. I’ll wait for someone else to comment there. I don’t use the cloud version.

Looking at the screenshot… Something isn’t right… :confused:

Have you sorted by amount??

What does your preferences tab say for date format?
If it’s D/M/Y then those first entries are December and should appear red, that make me think it’s M/D/Y, but then the last entry is wrong because it’s definitely D/M/Y since no year has 30 months lol

If it’s M/D/Y, that means the first entries are for June, March, Feb July… they aren;t in any sort of order. But that last entry is weird

I would wait for @lubos to comment, it would appear to me that something has changed in the cloud version overnight, causing data to be reimported and an incorrect date format has been used.

Perhaps @lubos is making changes to the interaccount transfers page (if it is only those entries that are wrong).

I wouldn’t make any changes right at the minute unless urgent, I’d wait to see what he has to say

But that’s not quite true, because the order is suggestive of D/M/Y and for it to be Americanised, that last entry is in the 30th month :slight_smile:

But if it IS D/M/Y, those first entries should be red

If it is M/Y/D the order would be different.

It looks like those entries have been reimported with a presumption on date format which was overwritten for the last entry… it is very weird

What I mean here is that postings like 09/03/2020 has been changed to 03/09/2020. Both are in the European system, but it’s like it was converted into the American system then back to the European system. It is very weird indeed. I am not sure what happened. I did not do any imports.

Other parts of the database are in the correct format?

What appears in your preferences tab?

Yes the issue seems to be only on the interaccount transfer. I will have to check this though.

And the preferences are in the EU system.

@mauroskov this is the reason I have introduced History button. If you do batch updates from spreadsheet and not careful about date format, it can mess up dates on your transactions. Anyway, even if it does, you can go to History tab, find the batch operation which has caused it and click Undo button to undo the changes.

If you say this affects only one tab, I’m pretty sure it’s due to batch operation. Go to History tab and find the batch operation which has done this. If you have multiple users, you can see who has done it too.

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Thanks, this is great. The History function is great, and I forgot about this. Thanks a lot!

I found out that there was a batch update, and it must have been done on PC that used the American date and number system. After the batch update there were some other operations created. Now I am trying to undo the batch update but even when I click ok, Manager brings me back to the batch update and does not undo it. I am wondering if I have first to undo all the operations that followed the batch update in order for Manager to allow me to undo the batch update.

Very probably, although I am not certain. In general, Manager will not allow any deletions that involve objects referenced by other transactions. It would be highly likely you are in such a situation.

That’s a very common problem. I don’t know why manager doesn’t force ISO dates for batch create and updates, because that would solve this problem once and for all.

The problem is the program used for editing the tsv file uses a different date format when exporting the data back to Manager.

Depending on the dates in the re imported file (clipboard paste) Manager may have no way of detecting this external error.

No it would just decrease compatibility with external editing software and not change the variability in export from the external software at all

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Do you have a back up of your business from prior to the batch update. If so

  1. Open a copy of the pre batch operation backup in Manager

  2. re do the batch update on this business up to the point you are ready to copy the batch update back into Manager

  3. Exit out of the copy of the backup version of Manager (completing the batch update in this back up copy is optional)

  4. Open your current Manager business file.

  5. Repeat the batch update on this business but

  6. Compare the copy to clipboard data size to the operation on the backup file to check for records which no longer exist

  7. at the end, import the batch update data from your back up files batch update (with correct dates)

The end result should be a correction to the batch update operation not a deletion then required re creation of the batch updated data.

I have mentioned this in another thread a day or two ago…

When performing batch update or batch create, before importing the file into Manager, reformat the dates in the excel sheet to MM/DD/YYYY. This may require you to set up a custom date format for MM/DD/YYYY in excel first.

This procedure has only been required in the last few weeks so there has definitely been a change in Manager recently.

About a month ago I performed a large amount of batch creates on one of my business files and this wasn’t required at that time.

Yes, I had to delete a subsequent posting. There were several postings after the batch update and I had to delete a specific one that had further changed the data already updated though the batch update.

@Patch thanks for the details. I did not have a back up and luckily the changes were minimal.

I agree, I have never had this issue with formats before.

I will have to check this further. My PC is set to use the same date format as Manager, so I am not sure from where the change in date format has come.