Bug: Developer tools access required for debugging

A client using Manager on a Mac OS ‘El Capitan’ system experiences this error:

when exporting to a PDF.

The workaround is to click the PDF button to open the invoice in an external PDF viewer, and then save from there. But previously, exporting worked flawlessly. Not sure what caused this error.

Your explanation of the problem is confusing.

Are you saying that this error message appears when the PDF button in the Manager view window is selected? Or are you saying this message appears when the Print button is selected and Save to PDF is chosen in the macOS print dialog box?

Next, what do you mean by “click the PDF button to open the invoice in an external PDF viewer?” The PDF button in Manager does not open anything in an external viewer. It generates a PDF via an internal PDF generator.

Finally, what edition (desktop, server, or cloud) and version number is being used? If the version number is not something later than 17.1.1, update the software first to see if the problem has been fixed. And what is the exact sequence of actions that caused the error message. (This has only been reported one time previously by one user, and could not be reproduced.)

Sorry. I’m not the user, just reporting the bug, but I’ve gained access to the machine experiencing the issue. I have no experience with Manager from a user perspective, but this is the info I have:

Version: Desktop, 17.1.56
Platform: Mac OS 10.11.6

To reproduce:

1. Top Menu Bar > Businesses > Select your business
2. Side column > Sales Invoice > View an invoice
3. Top button bar > Print

4. In print dialogue window, click PDF > Save as PDF

5. Error dialogue requesting Developer Tools Access for debugging.

6. Whether you provide authentication or cancel, Manager hangs, then closes. No data lost. To confirm: this only happens when printing from Manager. All other applications > Print > Save as PDF functions as expected.

Crash report gets truncated by Discourse, so here it is in a pastebin:


As mentioned above, the current workaround is to click the PDF button:

This opens a PDF in the Mac OS pdf viewer (“Preview”), from which the user is able to save a PDF to disk.

However, printing to PDF “should” work from the Print dialogue. I have confirmed that the Print > PDF procedure does work in other applications (such as LibreOffice).

All is now clear. Most likely, there is something being sent by Manager that macOS cannot handle. Ask your user a few more question to try to narrow the problem:

  1. Is a custom theme being used?
  2. If so, does the problem persist with the default theme?
  3. What base currency, if any, is set under Settings?
  4. Does the problem occur only with sales invoices or with other forms, as well?
  5. Does the problem persist if the business logo is temporarily removed under Settings => Business Logo? If the problem goes away, substitute a lower resolution (and therefore smaller file size) image and see if that fixes the problem.