Bookkeepers/Administration companies/Accountants

I would like to ask, if there are bookkeepers, administration companies or accountats who offer their services based on in the Netherlands?

I would like to outsource part of my administration to a third party regarding VAT filing, ICP filing, Tax filing, composing the annual report etc., but would like to keep working with for my daily administration.

Hi AA,
In the “accountants” section on the main site of Manager, there is a listing of all accountants by Country. For The Netherlands, Mr. Hennie Eerhart (@Hennie ) is listed. When you look around on the Forum, you will see that he is a very active contributor to the forum, and if not mistaken he is also the lead in the Netherlands, at least for the translation to Dutch.
Groeten uit Zwitserland.
ARQ Sarl, Lars

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