Accountant who knows Manager?

I’m a new independent with little knowledge of accounting. I use Manager. Now I’m looking for an accountant who knows Manager.

Is it an idea to set up a list?

I live in Antwerp, Belgium. Accountants on this forum? :smiley:

You can put every problem you face on the forum page for help. you can mail me personally, i will be glad to assist you

Thanks a lot! I’m not a “paying” customer and I can’t give many advice in return (yet), therefore I don’t want to flood the forum with questions :smile:

I found an accountant who knows Manager, living right across the corner. Still I will need some help now and then, I know where to find you now! :wink:

Kind regards and thanks already!


That accountant wasn’t any good. I tried some other, none of which wanted to learn Manager.
Do you think I could do it alone with the help of this forum?
Thinks like knowing for how much you can book certain expenses, I don’t know. Example: I didn’t know that in Belgium, you can book bicycle parts/repair, for 120 €. How will I learn that without an accountant?



These are matters of tax advice, for which you should consult an attorney or accountant. They are not appropriate questions for this forum, which is focused on how to use the Manager application. Besides, the answers will vary according to your business structure, purpose of expenses, and local law.

If you want to learn to use Manager, read the Guides: But they won’t teach you basic accounting. Manager is only a tool, and you need to comprehend what the tool is supposed to do. For that, try something like Even then, you will need expert local knowledge. Search the web for local small business support resources.

I guess your problem really isn’t Manager, its knowledge of accounting. First let me ask, what type of business are you running.

Thank you Zion and Tut.

Indeed, I understand that my “problem” isn’t with Manager, that it is, amongst other aspects, a problem with tax declaration. So I know I need an accountant to help me with that. Therefor, I asked if it wasn’t a good idea to have a list of accountants who work with manager. Because accounting and taxes are linked. If I use manager and my accountant doesn’t want to use that, than I have a problem.
Such a list would be hard to start. But after a while, some accountants would want to use or learn to use manager and see the advantage of making that public, on such a list, for example.

When I first asked this question that was where I asked for: an accountant who would use manager. I wasn’t very specific though.



The rules of the forum are that all assistance on the forum is provided free by other forum members. And commercial solicitations and advertising are prohibited. See The forum is not going to publish lists like you suggest, because that might imply endorsement of the individual. Plus, there would be no way to keep such a list up to date.

There is no reason an accountant needs to learn Manager to help you with your tax filing. Tax filings can be prepared from the available reports. Ask the accountant in advance for any requirements on designing your chart of accounts. Then you will be keeping your records in a form that easily lends itself to completion of necessary returns. If the accountant tells you otherwise, perhaps you need a different accountant.

The only reason an accountant would need to know how to use Manager is if s/he is doing your bookkeeping.

Looking at it from our point of view,
We like and use manager
To ask our accountants to use it will be hours of training for them?
We pay that?
Wouldnt it make sense, somewhere, to have a list of accountants known to be competent and happy to work with manager?

Accountants work with many different accounting software packages.
Importing from the users software to accountants internal software package is s common approach.

Contrary to what has been posted there is a link to find accountants to help you find an expert in accounting.
Unfortunately there is no one listed for Belgium.

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