Hi, we are a relatively small company in the Netherlands, ~€5M annual revenue and we are considering migrating to (from SymSys). Our business is organising trainings for B2C and B2B, so we need project based accounting system, where we can have multiple clients per project and track project costs per category (5-10 categories altogether) vs estimate (no time tracking).

My questions are:

  1. do you think we might need a more “sophisticated” software?
  2. is there someone in the community who can guide us with setting it up, especially when it comes to VAT?

Thank you,

I would start with Accountants | Manager

I would start with reading the Guides and then use the forum’s search to find posts of your interest.

You should particularly read the Guides concerning divisions. Divisions can also be used to track projects, lines of business, and so forth.

There is an accountant in NL I’d like to get in touch with but I cannot find a way to connect with him. Am I missing something?

Google them?

You can @Hennie a private message.