Chartered accountants in UK using Manager

Hi all,

Are there any chartered accountants on the forum who are UK based and have experience with book-keeping for Hair and Beauty Salons?

We have been using Manager to keep track of the business but are looking for the above to finalise our ordinary partnership accounts.

Kind regards. Erik

I would think most chartered accountants in the UK would be able to help you with Manager by navigating the tabs, referring to the guides and if necessary posting queries on the forum. Chartered accountants are required to use numerous accounting programs and saying they don’t know how to use an accounting program is not an option.

So, are public accountants using this sofware?

We are putting together a directory of accountants using Manager. So check again by end of this month.


and I would like to know who in australia might use it too?

If you look on the main Manager web page at the bottom there is a link to accountants

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