Blank screen

view daily journals (Arabic version) gives a blank screen.

What do you mean by “daily journals,” @facysd? Which tab are you in? Is your entire screen blank, or just the Manager window, or does the window say “Empty?”

to view journals , I get a blank screen . Nothing is there ! Regards.

Please answer my questions so I can try to help you. Also, what operating system are you using? And are you using the desktop, server, or cloud version of Manager?

Start manager , choose arabic as the language from profile. start the bussiness , choose journal entries ( if you don’t read Arabic, please use the picture to the left of words) , when all journal entries are displayed, choose view. The entire screen goes blank.

Start manager , choose arabic as the language from preferences.

The entire computer screen, or just the Manager window? And once again, what operating system and version? If you don’t provide information no one will be able to help.

OS : xp sp3

the inside manager window is blank. What is left is the upper line which reads :
قيد يومية -sas2-manager

Can you just post screenshot what you see? I can view journal entries just fine while having language set to Arabic.

Since @lubos has joined this topic, I will step aside. He, of course, has much greater knowledge and resources than anyone else.

Is this only when viewing journal entry, how about invoices?

Same for purchase invoice. Regards.

And if you switch language to English, it works fine. Is that correct?


OK, and what happens if you create completely brand new business. Can you see the same problem in new business entity as well?