Recurring journal entries not working

@Tut @lubos

Hi, I was trying to create a new recurring journal entries, but it is returning blank page.

What could be wrong?

You need to post screenshots of Edit screens. Otherwise, we are guessing. Also, what edition and version?

Find the attached before clicking new recurring journal entries and after.

I use the cloud version.

By the way, the attached picture was captured on my phone but its still the same result on several other PCs.

Tut said Edit screen

Edit screen is also blank

The screen you show is Settings screen not a journal entry editing screen. Also, can you try a computer with much larger screens so it is much more easy to follow what you try to say with screenshots, as frankly the narrow screenshots you provide (guess mobile) are difficult to gauge. Many here will try to help you but you need to furnish the details and adequate screenshots to see what is going on and help you resolve it.

I can confirm the blank screen.

this is the edit screen on a large screen.

i just checked my other cloud subscriptions. it is the same blank screen.
i think this issue cuts across

For those that don’t use tablets/phones this is how the breadcrumbs appear…it was an edit screen being shown, but coming up blank as described

Fixed in the latest version (22.10.31)

Yes, it’s fixed