Binding of Variable

Can I bind variable in manager desktop edition?
How to edit javascript file?

What are you trying to achieve?

I want
1)serial no in invoice
2)Show dialog box when my inventory is below certain level
3)my custom field on invoice

This is automatically present. Manager finds the highest, existing invoice number and adds 1.

Read the Guide at

I want add serial no on item.
If I have 3 item in my invoice than I want to print 1,2,3 on my invoice.

Can I create my own variable ?

You will have to code your own custom template. The line item number you describe would not be a variable in Manager’s database. It would be part of the document format/design.

How to create my own variable and use it?

That really is a question for whoever you have do your coding for the new view template. By definition, what you will be doing is beyond the current design and implementation of Manager.

Can I know which is default scripting language
{% for line in lines %}

The language Manager is using to customize invoices is HTML and LiquidMarkup.


But there will be one difficulty. You can’t currently create custom field on line item within invoice. It’s something I will eventually add but it’s not supported yet.

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