Billable Time showing as invoiced, but it isn’t

I used Billable Time to record some time I spent on a job (let us call it Job A) some months ago. I’ve just finished the job, and will record some more billable time, and invoice the client.

However, in the interim I did some other jobs for the same client, with more billable time, which have been invoiced and paid for. I think that when I created one of those invoices I included the billable time from Job A, then removed it when editing the invoice as I decided to rather invoice for Job A separately, when it’s finished. Now, however, that first billable time from Job A is showing as invoiced, but it doesn’t appear on any of the invoices I issued to the client.

There are only three previous invoices for this client, so it wasn’t hard to check them. But hypothetically, is there an easy way to find the invoice containing a particular billable time entry? The intuitive method for me would be to click on the green “Invoiced” tag in the status column of Billable Time to be taken to the relevant invoice.

What do you think would be the best course of action for me now? Delete the billable time in question and create it again?

I’m using 19.1.23 Desktop edition on Windows now, but I’ve been through several versions since I first created the initial billable time for Job A on 28/11/2018.

While working on another job I worked out how to solve most of my problem above. For the benefit of anyone else reading, if you edit billable time the status is shown at the bottom, together with the relevant invoice. I was able to just change this to “Uninvoiced”.

I feel like the billable time should automatically show as uninvoiced if it is removed from an invoice, to prevent errors like I had. I’m now wondering if there might be others where I’ve forgotten to manually change them back to “Uninvoiced”. Or perhaps I should change my workflow? Obviously removing billable time from an invoice is not something I plan to do, but might happen from time to time.

If you delete the invoice, all Billable Time entries linked to that invoice will automatically be reverted back to “Uninvoiced”.

However, in the case where you are simply deleting a line item from the invoice (which could be one of the Billable Time entries … but may not be if the invoice also contains other amounts) - you will need to manually set it as “Uninvoiced” in the way you described. By opening that tab, editing the entry, and changing the value.

In the case where I’ve accidentally selected more entries than intended, I usually just:

  • Delete the whole invoice
  • Re-generate the invoice, this time only selecting the ones I want

Both ways to solve the problem would work (they way you ultimately did it … or what I just listed above). The one you use depends on which approach you find more convenient for you.

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Thanks @ShaneAU. Now that I’ve learned, hopefully I won’t do it again.