Billable Time - Invoiced and paid, can it show "Paid" in status column?

New to Manager and very pleased with software. I have multiple billable time entries, some invoiced and paid, some invoiced, some not invoiced. It appears the status column in billable time module shows only “Invoiced” and “Uninvoiced”. Is it possible to add something that changes time entry status to “Paid” when the invoice is shown “Paid in full”? Or if this is already an option please point me to where to enable it. Thanks

The Billable Time tab is an invoicing aid only, allowing you to record time so you can invoice it later. As you probably know, invoicing occurs through the Customers tab, where you can also select billable expenses for invoicing.

But once a sales invoice is created and the billable time entry is transferred to an invoice, that invoice is posted to Accounts receivable and the customer’s subaccount. From there on, what happens has nothing to do with the Billable Time module, which has served its purpose. The point is not whether a billable time entry has been paid, but whether the account receivable has been paid. From an accounting perspective, it doesn’t matter whether a customer pays for a billable time entry on a specific invoice or something else. If the customer owes money, any money received is fungible. It can be assigned to a specific sales invoice, but not to a specific line item.

Under Manager’s double-entry accounting, once the sales invoice is issued, the Billable time asset account has been zeroed and the income transferred from Billable time - movement to Billable time - invoiced. So the income has been recognized. The remaining question is whether the Accounts receivable balance for the customer is (hopefully) transferred to a bank or cash account balance through receipt of the customer’s payment.

All that is a long way of saying you are not focusing on the important issue. Status of the billable time is completely reflected by whether it is uninvoiced, invoiced, or written off. Nothing else matters. Focus instead on collecting the balance due on the sales invoice. You are not going to call the customer to remind them they have not paid for a specific time entry. You will tell them they have not paid a specific sales invoice.

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Thank you for the comprehensive explanation which makes sense. It sounds as if I simply need to change what I’m expecting from the billable time module and use the correct module (AR) to monitor collections. After more thought I can see the logic to this approach for a variety of reasons, and again I’m new to Manager and have found the software to be more than enough for my requirements and easy to use.