Billable Time question

So, I’ve generated an invoice from several billable time entries as indicated in the guide. However, I’ve noticed the entries will just sit there under the ‘Invoiced’ status, even if the connected invoice is fully paid or credited.

I can’t imagine this is supposed to work like this, seeing as these will keep on stacking till the end of time. Am I doing something wrong?

Did you also consult Invoice billable time | Manager ?

Especially take note:

You cannot add billable time to an existing sales invoice. Generate a sales invoice from the Customers tab first. Then add any other necessary line items.

Yes, that’s exactly what I did. Nothing manual, all from the Customers table, as stated in the guide (which I followed to the letter). The entries are noted as ‘Invoiced’, but they just stay there, which seems it might get extremely messy over time.

Why do you consider the records messy? The time was recorded, generating value. They start as an asset, then are transferred to receivables by invoicing, then are satisfied by a receipt. That’s all basic accounting.

They should not disappear, any more than a receipt should.