Invoice - double counting

I believe I have unearth a bug. I created an invoice [27/10/14] 3days before the date of a billable session [31/10/14]. I included the session of 31/10/14 in that invoice. The invoice was created without a problem but the session of 31/10/14 remains Uninvoiced on the Billable Time screen . It can again be invoiced, with the problem of double invoicing for the same item and double counting. I have screen shots showing the problem but cannot upload them, it seems.

Shouldn’t you delete that billable time entry? I mean billable time is when you work for a client and then invoice them. Billable time helps you to figure out how much to bill at the end of your billing period.

If you bill client up-front, there is really no reason to use Billable time module.

Regarding your issue, there was a bug which I fixed in the latest version (14.11.2) but Manager still doesn’t support scenario where you want to link billable time recorded after issuing invoice. I can add the support for this but is there a valid use-case? Why do you insist on using billable time in this case?

I issue a monthly invoice containing details of all my billable sessions for that month. On this occasion it was near the month end so I issue the invoice containing one future billable session, dated right at the end of the month. The Billable time module has a feature that allows creation of an invoice consisting of selected billable time slots. Are you suggesting I shouldn’t use this feature? It’s precisely what I need- a dairy of work done and future work to be done, and to be able to create invoices based on these.

My intention was to report a bug in Manager. Fix it, or not, old boy, but one of the functions of a forum is to alert others to the problem/bug so they can choose whether or not to screw up their accounts.