Billable Time - Creating Bulk Invoices

I’ve been using billable time to record lessons given on specific days. They occur weekly.
I’ve noticed the recurring invoice tab. Will the invoice automatically send to the customer if I create a weekly recurring invoice?

Secondly, when i’ve tried to “create new sales invoice” from inside “billable time” module, > selected customer > ticked multiple billable time entries….
after establishing an invoice I’ve gone back to see if the billable time entry now reads “invoiced” inside the module’s main page. Only the first time entry ticked will say it’s been invoiced. When you try and manually change the others, it refuses to convert even after selecting “Invoiced” when going back to edit the time entry.

At the point of doing it manually: clicking Edit>selecting “Invoiced” it does assign it correctly to the invoice number that was used.

I have just updated to the newest version to see if that fixed it, but hasn’t.


Strange! I generate sales invoices from within the Billable Time module all the time, from multiple time entries. The ones on the invoice all show as “Invoiced” in the account ledger. I have never seen the problem you describe. Could you describe the exact sequence of steps you go through that results in this problem? Also, what operating system are you using?

I’m using Mac OSX 10.7.5

Steps eg. for 2 time entries on separate days (e.g., one today 27/7/15 and one next week on friday 31/7/15)

New Billable Time Entry > select date: 24/7/15> select customer>etc, > create.
New Billable Time Entry > select date: 31/7/15> select same customer>etc, > create.

Within Billable Time Module>New Sales Invoice>select customer>tick both time entries that appear>create

Invoice comes up recognising all entries that were ticked and has a genuine invoice number assigned.

When double checking that the time entries are now changed to Invoiced (green) they still read Uninvoiced (red).

I tried changing manually but this didn’t work. Here’s the steps I tried:
Edit>(goes into time entry page)>select Invoiced>extra tab appears next to it assigning the right invoice number to the entry>Save

Goes back to the Billable Time main page, but still reads Uninvoiced.


I believe your problem is with dates. Depending on when you actually made your inputs, your first time entry might have been “tomorrow.” That is, if you ran your experiment on July 23, and the time was for July 24, the time was in the future. Your second invoice for next week is definitely still in the future. Manager can’t invoice something that hasn’t happened yet. The invoice is still recorded, because Manager is designed to never lose any entry. But I don’t think it will show the time entry as invoiced until its date arrives.

As a test, change the time entries to dates in the past or today’s date and I’ll bet everything will be fine–as long as the invoice date is today’s date and not some future date.

I can confirm that issue date of the invoice must be on the same day or after billable time entries. Any billable time entries which are dated after issue date of the invoice itself can’t be connected with the invoice.

I did this on purpose.

The question is, why are you creating future dated billable entries? Billable entry is to record what has happened, not what you expect to happen in future. If you invoice for future events, then why bother with billable time? You can simply issue an invoice and be done with it.

Billable entries is a mechanism not to forget invoice client for the work already performed. If you are billing in advance, then billable entries are pointless.

Yes, worked all of that out now. thanks for your help guys.