Billable Time setup

Hi guys,

I’m setting up Billable Time for the first time in preparation for a new Consultancy I’m starting next week. Have followed the “Guide” - but things are not happened as I understand they are supposed to - so I’ve either misunderstood or stuffed something up.

Switched on Billable Time in Customize.
Entered a number of Billable Time entries against a Customer.

In the Account Summary screen - I see the three new Accounts, one under Assets and two as Uncategorised (I understand how to move/rename these to wherever - not the subject of the question…)

With, in this case, 5 Billable Time entries in the system, I would have expected to see the sum of these entries showing in the Billable Time Asset account - but all three accounts are still “Empty”.

Then I went to Customer tab, selected the uninvoiced amount and created a new invoice selecting the billable time entries and assigning a due date.

The invoice was correctly created, and shows up under the Sales Invoices tab, but in the Summary window, still all three Billable Time accounts are “Empty”.

Finally, from Sales Invoices I select the amount due, and “Receive Money” to a cash account, and finally the amount of the payment appears in the Billable Time Invoiced account.

It seems the Billable Time Asset account and the Billable Time Movement account never have anything in them at any point in the process.

Is this what is supposed to be happening? I’m guessing not…

Thanks in anticipation.

Change to accrual-basis accounting. You are using cash-basis accounting, so transactions don’t affect the visible balances of these accounts until money is actually received.

Simple when you think far enough outside the box…
Thanks Tut.