Billable time and Generating Invoices - Improvement Opportunity?

Is there a way when generating an invoice to group billable times?

I am currently doing a bit freelance work off to the side and work couple of hour when I have time. This means that I may do 1-2 hours per day and i currently insert a new billable time at the end of each day as a way of doing timesheets and to help me track the amount of time spent on a project. However I invoice monthly and when i create the invoice at the end of the month i end up with a long list of billable times. Is there a way, when generating an invoice through manager, to group the hours of items that have a similar descriptions (which i use for a job name)? So at the end of the month I want one item on the invoice per job with all the hours and cost combined for that job.

There could also be flexibility in the tool to group billable hours weekly/ monthly on the invoice to give different people flexibility on how they want it organised.

And if the client demanded a detailed breakdown then in the ‘invoice’ tab there might be a button you press next to the invoice which essentially generates a detailed time sheet for that invoice. (only applicable for invoices with billable hours included).

You cannot currently do what you ask. Manager already has the ability to sort out a customer. And you can check all uninvoiced time billings or individual ones. But each entry is a separate, double-entry accounting transaction. Multiple accounts are involved in recording and invoicing. So what you ask is not trivial. The only way to produce a single time entry on a sales invoice is to lump the hours together in a single transaction, but that will misrepresent the dates on which the time was billed. And the date of the entry does show on the invoice. You could, however, date the entry for the end of the month and give a description such as “Billable time for July.”

To my knowledge, no one else has ever suggested such a feature, as it loses the information most providers and customers want.