Billable Time bug?

Running 15.1.98 on Mac 10.9.5.

Followed the setup videos from OBM, then the Billable Time to Invoice one.

On a test setup, created Billable time items, hit “New Sales Invoice” button, select customer, (I only have one) and get the “New Sales Invoice” summary. Click on “Create”, and the screen refreshes but nothing else happens, I’m stuck on the summary screen.

Have I just missed something obvious? I’d attach the backup file but can’t see any options to do so

Easy answer: you have to check the boxes for the billable time entries you wish to include on the invoice. All should belong to the customer you selected. But you might not want to invoice all time. For example, you might have multiple projects going, on which you are recording time. But perhaps your arrangement with the customer only lets you invoice those that are complete.