Billable Expense Misbaviour

Whenever I make a billable expense like for three customers on the same date and then issue an invoice(plus markup) on one of them, the rest also show as invoiced. Meanwhile, I have only issued an invoice on one. However, the billable expenses in the asset column still show the correct total amount of billable expenses(including the two that mysteriously shows as invoiced). Any help @Tut?

I can duplicate this bug. The problem is much worse than described. And it occurs regardless of the dates the billable expenses are incurred. (@Daniel_Arthur’s initial report only described it for billable expenses on the same date.) Three things happen under the circumstances described by @Daniel_Arthur, when only one billable expense is invoiced:

  • All billable expenses’ statuses show as invoiced in the Billable Expenses tab. Both the Accounts receivable and Billable expenses account balances, however, are correct after one expense is invoiced.
  • All uninvoiced billable expenses disappear from the Customers tab. This means the billable expenses not invoiced cannot be invoiced, because they are now inaccessible in the Customers tab.
  • If a single billable expense erroneously showing as invoiced is edited in the Billable Expenses tab to show as uninvoiced, all billable expenses follow and show that way, including the one that was actually invoiced. Accounts receivable and Billable expenses remain correct for one billable expense having been invoiced.

Fortunately, the problem does not extend to Billable Time. That still works correctly, even when invoicing of billable expenses and billable time is combined for a customer.

This bug is probably related to this one: Bug - Incorrect link up on billable expenses

Further to your reply, I would like to point out the following additional observation regarding the strange behaviour of BILLABLE EXPENSES.

I have noted a situation whereby when I invoice 2 items from the uninvoiced column of a customer, one of the entries in a row is categorized as Billable Expenses markup, despite making no change whatsoever in the row figure(s). This leads to wrong reporting of profits.

I would suggest that it be made possible to directly post journal entries to the Billable expenses - markup account before the bugs in the Billable expenses are fully addressed. This is because in a case as mentioned above, I am forced to delete the invoice and create the invoice directly from the Sales Invoice menu. This will enable me post the right amount of markup.

I like to add another user case to this bug. I copied a purchase invoice containing a billable expense line. You should not do that! I copied it 3 times and all invoice lines/billable item lines were connected to each other. If I changed the status on the Expense Tab of one of the items, all items were changed to the same status.

e.g. If I changed the status of one expense item from ‘Invoiced’ to invoice #10265 to Uninvoiced the other three expense items were also changed to Uninvoiced (and visa versa).

This behavior also affected the Billable Expenses markup account in a way I don’t understand.

The work around for this problem for me was to manually copy the invoice lines on the Purchase invoice and delete the old invoice line with the billable expense. The Billable Expenses markup account has been resolved by this action.

Please, I will like to know how far you’ve gone with the fixing of this BUG @lubos. Can you assure us of when it will be FIXED? because some of us use it every now and then to record expenses made on behalf of customers. It makes bookkeeping somehow tough to be going round the bug @lubos kindly answer. Thank you.

The latest version (19.11.91) is fixing the issue. It changes the way billable expenses are linked to invoices so they are guaranteed to be independent from one another.

Also when you go to Billable Expenses tab. Clicking on Edit button will take you to the original transaction which has created billable expense.

Screenshot_2019-12-16 AAA(1)

If billable expense is invoiced, the invoice number will be shown on the source transaction as per the screenshot.

@lubos perfect, but now from the billable expenses the column with the tracking codes disappeared. Can we have it back, it is useful.

clip 1 shows 3 different items posted to Billable expenses

clip 2 shows the invoice made showing that the items were posted to an invoice but the line items show 3 copies of the first item only not the other line items

really need this fixed as we may have 10-60 line items

I am on version 19.12.16

Isn’t clip 1 showing a payment?

Its a payment to a supplier for a billable item to a client.

This is a known bug: Billable expense invoicing error with multi-line purchase transactions.

The February edition of the newsletter included information on two workarounds:

Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 11.34.48 AM