Billable expenses bug


Running the latest version (15.4.48) and if you click on Billable Expenses, the list shows the expenses with a status of Invoiced. However, if you click on the Edit button, the next screen shows a status of Uninvoiced. If you happen to try to correct this, the main list shows it as uninvoiced…


I had noticed this too—that the status defaults to ‘Uninvoiced’ when you hit the edit button—but I never tried correcting it. I just hit the ‘Back’ shortcut and got the hell out of there! :slight_smile:


The problem seems to be more complicated than that. I tried an experiment to understand what you were saying. Indeed, when you click on Edit for a billable expense that is already invoiced, the dropdown box that appears says Uninvoiced. But the purpose of that box is to let you change status (especially for write-offs) and add a date. Nothing should happen until you click Next. Yet when you go back to the main list, the status has changed to Uninvoiced, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to correct that.

Continuing my experiment, I tried writing off a billable expense that had already been invoiced. The amount remained in Accounts receivable and nothing appeared in Billable expenses - unrecoverable.

The only way I could fix this was to delete all transactions related to the billable expense, the sales invoice, and the payment receipts for the portion of the invoice not related to billable expenses. Then I recreated everything from scratch.

There definitely seems to be a bug here.


Can you check in the latest version (15.4.53) whether this bug has been fixed?

Also, I’ve noticed the naming of the income account Billable expenses - markup is a bit unfortunate because this account is used on sales invoices in the context which doesn’t imply markup. This is something I will fix in the next version.


[quote=“lubos, post:4, topic:3543, full:true”]
Can you check in the latest version (15.4.53) whether this bug has been fixed?[/quote]

Looks fixed to me. (It says ‘Invoiced’, but I’m not game to hit the ‘Update’ button and test it. I’ll let braver souls like Tut mess with that. :smile: )

Ah… because it’s revenue in the context of the sales invoice, but only profit in the context of the income statement? That provides a naming dilemma hey.


Yes, all seems perfect now. I experimented with an Invoiced expense, clicking on Edit and Update (without making any change). It came back as Invoiced, just as one would expect. I next wrote off an Uninvoiced expense. Today’s date filled automatically, something that didn’t happen before. Then I converted it back to Uninvoiced. And the amount transferred correctly from/to Accounts receivable, Billable expenses - unrecoverable, and Billable expenses going in both directions. Lastly, I converted an Invoiced expense to Uninvoiced. It showed in the list as Uninvoiced, and the amount appeared in Billable expenses - markup. I’ll have to think about that some more, but I think it’s probably correct, because it has to show in income due to the fact that it is on a sales invoice, but since the expense itself is listed as Uninvoiced, the program seems to interpret the difference as a markup. When I reverted to Invoiced, everything went back to normal.

Try it out, @Kal. You can be brave now that I took the risk. (I knew how to unwind it all from having done it early this morning.) :wink:

Let me remind you of my original suggestions for tab and subsidiary account names, which might make more sense as we consider the experience gained recently. I’ve adapted some of my supporting comments to incorporate present terminology:

Billable Time tab

  • Billable time (originally Work in progress; this name distinguishes the
    account from inventory work in progress; the billable adjective makes it clear this time has not yet been billed)
  • Income from billed time (formerly Fees from work in progress and recently Billable time - invoiced; it became income by virtue of being invoiced, so the invoiced modifier seems unnecessary; mentioning billed time makes it clear the invoice has already been issued)
  • Billable time movement (formerly Work in progress - movement; this name is the least satisfying to me, as nothing accumulates here, but maybe the movement description is appropriate, since time charges seem to flow through on their way to eventual homes)

Billable Expenses tab

  • Billable expenses (formerly Disbursements recoverable)
  • Income from billed expenses (formerly Disbursements income, currently Billable expenses - markup; while markups do end up here, other unusual situations could result in income, too, possibly on a temporary basis; the billed modifier makes clear that the expenses have been invoiced)
  • Uncollectable expenses (originally Unrecoverable disbursements and now Billable expenses - unrecoverable; uncollectable emphasizes that expenses were written off because of customer refusal, whereas unrecoverable suggests some characteristic of the expenses made them so and might be interpreted as non-deductible; you also would need to decide on spelling–uncollectable being chiefly British, uncollectible being apparently more common)


Looks good for me now, too. I agree about the Billable Expenses - markup account - it does look confusing on an invoice.

Interesting stuff there Tut.