Bill of materials in batch create of inventory kits

the batch create option of inventory kits seems unuseful without bill of material incuded,
batch create only create kit name , then each kit is needed to open manaually to add items in it.
is there any solution

The reason batch operations are allowed for inventory kits is so you can update price and tax information in bulk. If you have one batch operation (update, for example), you get them all. You might personally find Batch Create to not be useful, but others might.


@Tut does your statement still holds true? we still cannot update BOM of inventory kits?

The discussion we were having recently in another thread
Is employee meal a non-inventory item? was for the same solution.

also I am not being able to fill the purchase account while creating batch of non inventory items.


To batch update “Inventory Kits” you need to goto
Setting → Inventory Kits → Batch update
Settings → Inventory Items → Batch update

@patch I needed help with both the issues…and it is not ‘inventory items’ it is ‘non-inventory items’ , I haven’t tried batch update for ‘inventory items’ though.

  • Batch operations are more complex to do than direct entry.

  • I suggest you try just using direct entry initially.

  • Only consider batch operations when you are very familiar with direct entry and you have lots of data already in electronic format to enter. Only then is there a reasonable prospect the the time lost in setup and learning how to do it can reasonably expected to be recovered.

That’s not true. I suggest you to create a first multi line item and to see how everything works under Batch Update.

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@Davide are you serious? I tried that but didn’t work. Am I missing somthing? when I tried, only BOM qty got updated but BOM items were blank. Is it about the version? mine is 20.8.42 . How can we remain updated about the latest version?

thank you.

No… I’m here to take joke of you. Seriously, I don’t want to take care of such an offensive question.

You should insert (multi line inline inserting in Excel) UUID of each inventory item inside the BOM column. I’ve done it thousands of time inside of inventory kit in the past.

@Davide I apologize .I didn’t want to be offensive but It was hard for me to believe because I have been searching for the solution and hadn’t found out and was going to give up on it…May you please briefly write the step for it?
Sorry again if I had sounded offensive, I didn’t mean so.
Thank you.
This UUID thing is really making me crazy.

It’s fine. I’m not at the computer right now since it is Saturday. I’ll be back to you very soon.

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@Davide thank you. Will be waiting for your reply.

Here I am.

First of all you must do a backup of your business before any batch operation!

All that said you have to:

  1. Open both Manager and Excel
  2. find out the UUID of your Inventory Items you want to insert inside you Inventory Kit. The simpliest way is open the Inventory Item tab, going down to the bottom and press Batch Update. Then press Copy to Clipboard and past everything inside Excel.
  3. You will see that in the table you have many columns. The last one is called Key and it contains the UUID of your Inventory Items. The format of UUID is always something like 7e6e5a5d-c7ec-43bb-acbc-528c6671d597. Now you have a full list of Inventory Items and their UUIDs
  4. Lets go back to Manager and to Inventory Kits tab under Settings. I assume that you need to update the Inventory Kits that you have already created them. Open Inventory Kits, go down to Batch Update, Copy to Clipboard and paste everything inside a new tab of your Excel file.
  5. The columns that you need to find are two, BillOfMaterials.InventoryItem BillOfMaterials.Qty. Keep in mind that those are multi lines fields. What does it mean? That they can contain more than one Inventory Item’s UUID and Quantity. How do I insert them? Let’s go step by step with an example.
  6. You have have an Inventory Kit composed by two Inventory Items. Go under BillOfMaterials.InventoryItem paste the first UUID inside of the Excel cell, postion your pointer of the end of this first UUID (get it from your previously created Excel Tab), press ALT+ENTER and paste the second UUID. You will see that they are now two lines of the same Excel Field
  7. Now it’s time for BillOfMaterials.Qty. Insert, for example, 7.11, ALT+ENTER and 8.20
  8. Now past back what you have created inside Excel inside the Batch Update space of Manager et voilà you have an updated Inventory Kit with two Inventory Items inside of it.

You can automate the creation of the list with Excel functions but this is completely another subject.

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@Davide amazing! that is a very comprehensive explanation…That’s a great relief! Thanks a million Davide. You rock!

if you have time then please let me know about the automation too …or if there is some resource that I can refer to then please share that with me… Thank you.

Automation is based only on Excel formulas and on your source data. I think that it is impossible to explain since it should be done directly in Excel. Also, it is very time consuming.


ok no worries Davide.

But there is a slight problem in updating the inventory kit batch. I am not being able to paste more than one UUID of inventory item in a cell. Am I missing something?

You have to paste a UUID inside the line, press ALT+Enter to go to the second one and paste the second one

yes I did the same. as soon as I press alt+entre the cursor goes to second line but the paste option is no more available.