Production Orders / Batch Create

in Production Orders / Batch Create following the 3 steps:
1- Copy to clipboard, then paste columns to your spreadsheet program
2- Fill in data in your spreadsheet program
3- Copy data from a spreadsheet and paste it into the text field below

the batch looks empty and no stock movement occurs? any idea how to fill data in spreadsheet?

when did batch create for production orders got activated ?
just updated now
tried the batch update option but it seems that instead of the name of the item you get a long combination of numbers and letters
i think as long as you now which combination is each item you can do it/
maybe @lubos or @Tut can give some advise to this welcome feature

Currently, any time you have subsidiary ledgers (inventory items are subsidiary ledgers of Inventory on hand), the hexadecimal strings are used. There have recently been discussions about this general topic on the forum. The developer has said he is working toward being able to use plain-language names for these, but the improvement is not available yet. Meanwhile, batch operations have been added just about everywhere.

@Tut are these hexadecimal strings unique for each item? Meaning one hexadecimal string for item 1 is always the same and doesnt change? If so we can use excel and some formulas to fill the batch create template with the right string for item produced and used

Yes. The hexadecimal strings are fixed. This is true wherever they are used throughout the program: inventory items, customers, suppliers, bank accounts, etc. I don’t personally know why they were originally necessary, but there is no doubt they are clumsy.

There was recently a fairly straightforward process for deciphering them described by @Indinfer: Batch Receipts and Payments with Multiple Lines and Inventory.

If you know something about SQL you can easily understand how they work and you can create an excel file (better access) to convert the key string into plain text strings. I’m currently working on one for sales invoice to provide to my property manager. He will produce the invoice without manager.

@Davide my knowledge about sql is very superficial, until updates to production order module are made i will use an excel template to generate a table that can be imported to manager batch create, with excel i can even create a recipe for each item so i have just to insert finished product and quantity this will help me a lot. I just have to identify the strings for the items its easy doable, if they are the same across manager

were you able to import an excel table to generate a production batch?

were you able to import an excel table to generate a production batch?

Yes the key are unique keys. You have to export the table in excel through batch update or alternatively you can find the keys navigating through the APIs

i tried the excel export and did not work, can you show me an example?

Batch update of a table has the keys of the line always as last column