Batch update Inventory Kit product information

I have read in previous forum posts you cannot export/import inventory kits due to not being able to fit spreadsheet model.

I need to change the following inventory kit information for multiple products- product names, code/sku, price and description. The composition of the kits will stay the same. As nearly all our products are inventory kits, it will take many many hours to have to update manually, which we just don’t have time for.

Is there a way to update these fields?

To add to Manager wishlist - can Inventory kits be added to side menu? It is a pain to have to go through to the settings each time we need to create a new inventory kit, which we use for nearly all our products.

In the latest version (16.7.1), you can use Batch update feature on inventory kits.

Thanks Lubos.
Downloaded update and updated and created new items. However, you cannot create/edit the bill of materials for each item? Are there fields that we can match for this?

Yes, that’s correct. Batch operations don’t support inner lines. Not sure how to address this yet. This is limitation of spreadsheet model.