Inventory Kit - Batch Create & Include Bill of Materials?


Are we able to batch create inventory items but also add the bill of materials needed for each code created?

By “batch create” do you mean convert raw materials into finished goods ?
If yes, then under Customisation, below Setting, activate the Production Orders tab and read this Guide

To repeat a Production Order for exactly the same quantity, use the clone feature.

Not quite what i was after… Basically i have eg:

Parent Item Code: “T-Shirt Printed”

Bill of Materials: 1x “Shirt”
1x “Screen Print”

I am able to create products in “Inventory Kits” but adding the “Bill of materials” to each “Parent Item Code” is really time consuming and room for possible error… was hoping to possibly be able to batch import the Codes and state that the code is made up of these other 2 codes. ?

Hope that makes sense.

You would only use Inventory Kits where there is an immediate sale, not where you are creating inventory (shelf stock ) for later sale. I am assuming that you screen print a quantity at a time.

Is the Screen Print an actual inventory item or is that just the process - if its the process then it wouldn’t be an Inventory Item but a Non-inventory Item as there isn’t any quantity.

Unfortunately, currently Production Orders don’t allow the adding of Non-inventory Items as an input factor, only allowing the adding of “costs” such as labour recovery. Which you could utilise by having a Screen Print recovery factor per shirt.

In the bottom right corner of the Inventory Item screen there is a Batch Create feature, don’t know if that is of any assistance.

Thank you for your replies, obviously each shirt has a cost but also there is a cost for the screen print itself… i’ve add the products into the inventory and simply added the costs together however when i create a purchase order for my supplier of the shirts the cost price is higher than what the shirt is actually worth.

what would be the best solution for this do you think?

thanks again in advance.

(1) Yes and (2) Yes

When you purchase the shirts from your supplier they are a separate stand alone Inventory Item (Shirts Unprinted - Size nn) so this Inventory Item doesn’t get any screen printing costs added in.

Once the shirts get printed then they get transferred from Shirts Unprinted - Size nn to Shirts Printed - Size nn via a Production Order. The cost of the Screen Printing is added to the Shirts Printed - Size nn within the Production Order by using the Non-Inventory Costs field.

If it costs 1.00 to print a shirt and you are printing 10 shirts then enter 10.00 and use a P&L Expense account called Printing Costs Recovered.

Depending on your recording of Labour & Screen Printing costs you could set up your P&L as follows.

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