Better Expense Management

Hi there,

I have been using manager for a few months now and really like the way it handles my invoices and customer list. Now I would like to better manage my expenses. I would like to be able to achieve the following.

Is there a way to auto generate monthly expenses? Like phone and internet reoccurring invoices
Create expense template for a particular type of expense? Like multiple mobile phone accounts
Also is it possible to attach an invoice to an expense?

I would like to know how other Manager users handle the above items as I have played around within manager settings and cannot work out how I can achieve this. Any guidance or advice would be most appreciated.

Thank Nick

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Not at this time.

Call up a previous record for the same thing. When you view it, you can clone it.

Not yet, but this has been promised.

Thank you for your reply.

I have just updated to the latest version of manager and I can now see the clone option, this will be a big help and with this option now available having an auto generating template isn’t such a big deal. In regards to attaching invoices to expenses is there a time line as to when this will be implemented?

Thanks Nick