Best format for importing bank statements

I know I can (and have) import .csv files into Manager, but I’d like to get a bit more detail from the numerous fields that my POS provider (Square Payments) provides. If I import that .csv file into a conversion program, which Manager-accepted format will provide the most detail? I’ve tried .qif, but this still seems limited to about 5 fields.
I can also export it to mysql, but that format doesn’t seem to export to any kind that works with accounting.

Thank you in advance…

Comma separated values (.csv) is the least standardised format, so most likely to have importing problems. However if the details of the format your source uses is compatible with the details of the format Manager assumes, there is no reason you shouldn’t use it.

The other formats Manager supports are better defined so more likely to work.

All the bank import formats import the same fields thought, so providing the format is compatible, the same information should be transferred.

If you wanted to have greater control of the imported data, I suggest you consider using “Batch create”. To understand the details of the format you will need to provide, enter some test data then look at the format produced by “Batch update”.