Importing Bank Statement - Which Format to Choose

Hello! I am using the Desktop version of Manager on a Windows computer, and I deal with 2 banks.
I have multiple formats that I can choose to download my transactions.

My question is, what is the BEST / EASIEST format to use? @Brucanna



See this guide for supported formats:

I think you need to experiment with the different formats available to see which works best in your situation - the information in the files and the format of your accounts (chart of accounts, list of customers & suppliers, etc) will differ from others

Historically, the forum sees many complaints from people using CSV-formatted statements. I can’t recall more than 1 or 2 issues with any of the other formats over the past 5 years, and those typically turned out to be user errors, not actual import problems.

The issue is that most of these format standards are proprietary, and therefore not enforced at all, or have very loose definitions of what an institution can put into various fields.

I have only ever used .qif files and never had a problem.
Unsure if .qif relates to Quicken or QuickBooks or both.

Thanks everyone for information. I guess i will just have to try it out and determine what works best for my banks. @Brucanna I will figure out and try the QIF first. Thanks

Quickbooks QBO format has been golden for me.