Account dropdown control - selection via keyboard

I am having a problem with the Accounts dropdown control In the Receipts and Payments screen.
I am able to tab to the control, and then expose the dropdown list by tapping the space bar. I was expecting to then be able to select the required account from the list using the down-arrow and up-arrow keys. But this does not work.
I know i can select the required value using the mouse, but this disrupts my workflow.
I also know i can start keying the account name (or in fact any word within the account name) to get to the entry that i require, but this also disrupts my workflow.
I really want to be able to use the arrow keys not the mouse or the alpha keys.

If i am doing something wrong, please advise.
If this facility is not implemented, can i request it?

No, this is how the interface works - I think it has got to do with the technical restraints because the interface is browser based

You can request it but I don’t think there is much chance of it being implemented, but who knows

Behaviors like this occur not only because the program functions as a browser (in the desktop edition), but may function through a browser (in the server or cloud editions). They also depend on your operating system. So there are some things not under direct control of the application.