Autocomplete behaviour in forms

I like to use Tab to move between fields when completing forms. It’s usually faster than navigating with the cursor. However, if I use Tab on a field that has autocomplete options, the first item in that list is entered into the field and I have to go back and clear it and use the cursor to get to the next field.

For example, if I type “Repair” into the Description field of a sales invoice and the first option in the autocomplete list is “Repair and upgrade”, pressing Tab brings “Repair and upgrade” into the field.

I would far prefer it if I could use the arrow keys to select items from the autocomplete list (which doesn’t seem to be possible), and for whatever I’ve typed in the field to remain unchanged if all I do is Tab to the next field.

It’s a small inconvenience, but one that adds up when working with a lot of forms.

I understand that Manager runs through the system web browser, so I’m not sure if this behaviour is inherited from that or if it’s something that could be changed from within Manager.

(I’m using 19.7.24 desktop version in Windows 10.)

Arrow keys behave differently on different operating systems and via different browsers. So your suggestion is impractical.

OK. That’s disappointing. This behaviour doesn’t match my browser or any of my other software, as far as I’m aware, which is why I thought it might be possible to change, and also probably why it doesn’t feel intuitive to me.

It is very likely that none of your other software runs on multiple operating systems. And, certainly, your browsers don’t operate through other browsers. Surely you have had the experience of visiting web sites with different browsers and experiencing different behavior.

A lot of my other software is available for multiple operating systems, but I guess they are completely different builds specifically for those operating systems, whereas Manager is the same software across them all, as I understand.

I don’t switch between browsers much, so I can’t say I can recall specific instances of different behaviour, especially not with something that feels as fundamental as moving between form fields. But thanks, I understand and accept your explanation and points.

I was pleasantly surprised when after a recent update (within the last month I think) I found I was able to use my keyboard arrow keys to select items from dropdown lists when completing forms in Manager. I think this lasted a few weeks, but as of my last update to 21.2.25 it has disappeared again, and I have to use the mouse. The behaviour was consistent across both computers on which I use the desktop edition, so it seems to me to be an attribute of Manager and not the operating system (Windows 10). I would love to see the arrow key functionality return. It seems to work if I open a tab in my web browser (Firefox), but not within the native Manager window.

Arrow key navigation through dropdown lists is back in version 21.2.30. Thank you!