I thought I had posted this already, but I think I missed it – and it’s probably the highest item on my wish list right now:

Can we please have a BCC option for outgoing emails? It would be great if there could be a Business-wide preference (under Email Settings) for a default BCC address that could, ideally, be overridden or deleted for an individual email.

The use-case is that I need for documentation purposes to have a copy of every outgoing email BCC’ed to my company’s sent-mail archive. The Emails repository within Manager is great to have, but it doesn’t include a copy of the PDF attachment. While I can always reprint an invoice, it won’t always look the same as it did on the day I emailed it out, if there were any modifications or payments in the interim.

The workaround is to print each invoice/statement/receipt to PDF and then email that outside of Manager, but Manager’s email functionality is a really, really great feature. Having a BCC function would make it usable for me.

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