Batch View select different Head

If we select the different invoice with select it by search

when we select more than one invoice like two different date like 1895 and 5125


and 5125

but when we create the batch view it unselect only Single will selected and view

please give the option se we cant find it different invoice with select by search it become checked and we can review it all

It would really save a lot of time.
Please Give the solution of this

Multiple selections uses the information displayed on your current screen. If you use the Search button, you navigate away from your previous screen.

This can be verified by the fact that if you press your browser’s Back button it takes you back to the very screen before you clicked Search button.

That’s why multiple selections for batch view resets to nothing after you update your search – because you navigated away from your previous selection and the Batch View button in your current screen knows absolutely nothing about your previous selection.

This is a limitation of JavaScript code and web applications in general.

There are other ways around this limitation – thankfully, as you can view more items, sort your table and this will make the selection much easier.

However, I’m really curious though as to why you want to view together random documents from different financial periods? This doesn’t seem like something anyone would do on a frequent basis!

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Yes, you are right here. Manager in essence is a web application that can run on desktops but uses a browser to function. There are also many advantages to this, multi-platform being the most important.

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we need this function when customer demand different bill copy like 15 bill which is different number and date
so in this way we can select by search it batch view and create pdf and sent him .
but is not do this

But the bills are from 4 different customers accross 3 years. I would argue that less than 1% of the users would ever come accross this situation once. That’s an outside edge case and it’s unlikely to be catered to.

Anyway, if you say that it’s a single customer then it’s easy:

  1. Go to Customers tab and find your customer
  2. Click on link on the number of invoices
  3. Set pagination to maximum

You can then select all that customer’s invoices in a single shot.