Add batch view to the history tab

Dear @lubos

It will help us a lot if you add patch view to the history tab.

Since it will save time and efforts for us.

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Can you give some example how the presentation should be?

Thanks @lubos for your reply.

The same as other tabs. (Sales invoices, purchases invoices … etc)

Sequence of the selected history records.

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What is this?
What records are included in the search
What fields / data is shown?
What is grouped?

Do you mean Batch View? If so, History does not display transactions. It lists actions previously taken.

I am suggesting adding away to bulk view several history records content.

You can already do that. Just click on any of the batch created records and you will be able to view and undo the entire batch.

This way is better since batch actions will also appear in the history of the transaction itself.

Thank you @Ealfardan

My point is about the business management as part of their Auditing role want to review serveal history records.

Instead of opening every history record in a tab. I suggest to have the possibility to select needed records and view them vertically in one page. The same as of other tabs.

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Ok, so it’s Batch View and not View Batch

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Yes. Exactly.

Why auditors would like to see History records? The records, in my opinion, is meant for ownership surveillance. What you would see in batch view would be just what is displayed. It will not be view of each action. If you want to see any detailed view you will need to use view button.

To my sense, the existing display mode is quite informative.

Please add the batch function we can select different invoice or sales order by select with search it’s remaining checked.
Currently when we search and checked it it’s auto uncheck…

Attention required regarding this

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