Batch invoice download (separate pdf pages)

Dear all,

I want to download the invoice separately from sales invoice for example.

what are the steps to follow.

Thank you.


It is not clear what you are asking for, you mention that you want to download an (???) invoice separately from a (sales) invoice.

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Let’s say i want to download all September 2023 invoices at once.
The issue with batch download, it regroup all invoices in ONE PDF, i want to batch download all invoice at once with pdf separately.

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If you use batch view and Print to PDF you will first get a PDF with all the invoices. Note that when you open that PDF file that there are no overlaps for any invoice. You can therefore “split/extract/etc” into separate PDF files for each invoice using PDF editing software or use the free



It would be much better if you can download it from , could please consider adding the batch download as requested.

Thank you.

There is nothing for me to consider, I am a user like yourself, although I would not see how this could be done without adding more work for use as users than the way I advised.

Let me explain, when clicking on Batch view you can select the invoices you want to eventually end up as PDF. At the moment it takes your selection lets say 100 invoices and creates a single view document that you can then Print to PDF.

If what you propose would be possible then you would create 100 view documents that each need to be Printed to PDF. That is far more work than viewing and printing and splitting that single file. So I prefer how it is now as I would not like to have to View and Print to PDF more than 1 document.

Dear @eko

I have follow you guide to split the pdf via adobe and the outcome is not clean as the file i download directly from

This would be a time saver for many user as we have to download it one by one from manager.
we have over 500 invoice to download monthly and more to come.

i hope the dev can work on it and instead of having one single pdf file, we have it separately.

Thank you

Show examples. Print to PDF from view provides discrete pages for the invoices without them overlapping. So not sure why splitting would get messed up. I use on a Mac PDFExpert that uses “Extract” and there are many PDF editing programs including the original Acrobat that do an excellent job as well. Indeed most splitters extractors will add a number to each page and if one invoice is multiple page then it would create two separate pages that with an Acrobat Editor could merge :slight_smile:

You are missing the point that if you would have to View and Print to PDF each file selected in Batch View this would be the same as directly Viewing and Print to PDF each invoice from the list (without using batch view).


I totally get the point but due to limited resources, for us users we need to be able to download the invoices directly from . Some information are sensible and we are not allow to use 3rd party software.

We really hope to get this option in a near furture.

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Sorry but you do not get the point. What you ask for is similar to not using Batch view at all. You can view and Print to PDF any invoice in the invoices tab without using third party software.

What you suggest having batch view for each selected invoice that you then for each would have to Print to PDF is not different from selecting an Invoice from the Invoices list, view and Print to PDF.

Let me explain step for step:


  1. Click on an Invoices tab (sales or purchase)
  2. Scroll down the page and click on Batch View
  3. Select the Invoices to View
  4. You will now get a single view with all selected invoices displayed in it.
  5. Click Print and if print to PDF all these invoices (i.e. all content from the view) will be in one PDF document
  6. Click Save on the Print to PDF screen to save it to your disk.
  7. An additional step would be to split them if wanting separate PDF files but as you mentioned you would not like to use other software so then you have to resort to not using Batch view as explained further below.

In total this would involve a total of five clicks for steps 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 and additional clicks for each invoice selected under step 3. Assume you would have 100 invoices this would mean 105 clicks involved until optional step 6.


  1. Click on an Invoices tab (sales or purchase)
  2. Scroll down the page and click on Batch View
  3. Select the Invoices to View
  4. You will now get a a view and print button for each selected Invoice
  5. You will need to click Print for each selected invoice to create its PDF
  6. You need to click Save on the Print to PDF screen for each invoice to save it to your disk.
  7. You need to scroll down the page to the next invoice and repeat steps 5 and 6.

In total this would involve until step 3 a total of two clicks for steps 1 and 2. Then additional clicks for each invoice selected under step 3 and additional clicks for each Print to PDF and each Save to disk step. Assume you would have 100 invoices this would mean 2 + 100 (Select View) + 100 (Print) + 100 (save) = 302 clicks + time spent scrolling down to the full view pages of each invoice (takes much more time than scrolling through the Invoices tab list!.


  1. Click on an Invoices tab (sales or purchase)
  2. Click on view of the Invoice you want to save as PDF
  3. Click on Print
  4. Click on Save
  5. Scroll to and select the next Invoice and repeat steps 3 and 4.

It is clear that option C is similar time consuming as option B. Only option A has a clear benefit in terms of clicks and time which is the purpose of Batch View.

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The thing is we have to download one by one the invoices ( lets say all invoice we created for september 2023), there we have the client name and the invoice number as well.

we request to download all invoice for september 2023 with a batch download with separated pdf.

Manager has the PDF generator in Obsolete functions and therefore no longer itself generates PDF files. In stead the user will generate these from Print to PDF functions using view screens. Therefore the batch operation is called Batch VIEW and not BATCH PDF.

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That is the crux of the matter. @TamG, what you are asking for would include resurrection of a feature the developer already removed from the program. Then it was restored as an obsolete feature because of the outcry by some users. But the restoration came with restrictions. There would be no further development in this area. The relevant Guide includes this Note:

The internal PDF generator is no longer actively supported by Manager’s developer. It works best with western languages and fonts. It is least reliable with right-to-left languages and may not work satisfactorily with custom themes. You should test the feature with typical transactions and reports before relying upon it for external communications.

I think this is a valid request.

It’s weird that you can batch view invoices but when you click the Print button and select Save to PDF it creates a single PDF file while it should create separate files as the invoices are separate files too.


I disagree, @Mark. When you use the Batch View feature, you are not creating a bunch of separate transactions. Those already exist. You are creating a batch, which appears as separate pages of a single form when viewed. You can then print that form to paper or PDF, but at that point you are using features of your operating system, not Manager. Manager’s task ended with creation of the batch. @TamG is asking for Manager to create a bunch of separate PDFs (by implication for all languages and writing directions on multiple operating systems, using a range of browsers). That’s inevitably more complex to support than the ability to reliably create a single PDF from a single transaction, which the developer already abandoned.

@eko @Tut @Mark

Lets say in a near future we can download all invoice in PDF(as in screenshot) and save us some valuable time :slight_smile:

Let us know and thank you all for your support.

Best regards,

It was already explained that the PDF generator is obsolete and this will thus not happen now or in future. Alternative methods were shown and you just use the one you prefer.

I would also like to revisit your comment about 3rd party software. You do not have to use the adobe free online splitter. You can buy a PDF editor that allows for splitting/extracting. As mentioned for MACOS we use PDFExpert and we open the PDF with multiple invoices, select them all, click on extract and single PDF file for each, and it does the job in no time, generating these PDF files. In case where the invoice was multiple pages long we use de PDF merge function. You can always show any auditor or Manager the original batch file or allow them access to Manager and view them.

You may not be aware of it, @TamG, but almost every program on the market uses various third-party software, such as fonts and utilities, bundled with the main program. Manager is no exception. There is no point in a developer recreating frequently used code. Your specific request for specialized PDF generation software would be a third-party utility if the capability were added into the program.

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@Tut @eko

I have follow the instruction of using adobe to split the pdf but the outcome result was not the same as when i download the invoice separately, sometime i have two invoice from different client in one pdf.The font/logo/details positioning in the invoice is very different. This not acceptable.

If we cant download the invoice separately we will manage to do it manually.

Thank you for your support as always.

That is not possible.