Importing bank rules

I’ve noticed that you can export the bank rules, but what about importing them back? Is that possible?
If not, what is the purpose of exporting them? (just a general question)

It will be possible to import bank rules in future. Export button is generic feature that is enabled on most tabular data screens in Manager. If it doesn’t make sense for bank rules, I will just disable it but for now I’ll keep it there.

Thanks, Export would actually be great if you can import as well, that way you can export them, make adjustments and import them back in.

Also, just wanted to say it’s a great app. Very professional look and functionality without all the unnecessary animations I find in other tools.
I use this for personal finance.

Hi, I was wondering whether there has been any changes to this issue?
It gets a bit tedious when I have a new CC or bank account but I want it to use the same rules I already had.
I can see that I can go into each rule and set it to Any Bank Account, but with 100s of rules it’s impractical.
Is there a way to import bank rules or will there be this feature any time in the future?

Thank you

I am guessing that currently you have many duplicate bank rules.
Bank A > BP Garage > Vehicle Expenses
Bank B > BP Garage > Vehicle Expenses

Therefore you probably only need to change your largest bank rule group (say Bank A) to Any Bank and then just delete the rest.

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That is very likely to be true.
But I could see some benefit in being able to import bank rules.