Batch importing of Track codes

Hello, i have a situation where i have a number of track codes, is there a way i can import them as a batch?

there are no batch operation available for creating Tracking codes.
tracking codes are meant to track performance of different divisions within a company and these are usually not many to have a batch create feature.

Thanks, its just that we thought we could use them to run profit and loss accounts per retail shop within the country.

You can use them per retail shop, but you have to manually set them up.

Where would you be importing tracking codes from? The way batch operations work, you would need to first create a spreadsheet in the exact format required by Manager for this portion of the database. Then you would need to enter every tracking code in the spreadsheet. Finally, you would be ready to go through the Batch Create process.

Creating tracking codes as currently implemented requires two mouse clicks and entry of the code’s name. Where are the savings?