Batch Create Tracking Code

is it possible to have the batch create, update and so on also in the Tracking Code Section?

Can you expend on this question? Tracking codes consist simply of names. What would you be creating or updating in batches? And if you could do a batch update, what do you envision would happen to all the previous transactions that used the original tracking code?

It’s just to fast create/update the names (not the referal code). In my case the tracking code is composed by a code of 4 letters and 5 digits and than by a description name (VAMO-00100 - Building A). Since I have to create many (or update them) it would be faster to have the possibility to do this in Excel.

By the way it would be great to have the possibility to do this also for the chart of accounts.

I don’t understand why you would want to update a tracking code. That would retroactively modify every transaction on which you have ever used it. Surely income and expense items do not change from one building to another as a group.

More than for updates for the creation of many tracking codes

Added to the latest version (18.5.95)

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