Importing Tracking codes

I have started using Manager desktop edition recently, for invoicing purposes mainly, but I have decided to use it as a parallel accounting system. My accountants are doing it in their own ERP.

As Manager is flexible for adjustments to local legislation and accounting practice, I was wondering whether there is a way to import Tracking codes from CSV or Excel file. For us in Serbia, it would be the great if we could create codes that contain 3 key information:

  • Category/Class
  • Tracking code (numeric value)
  • Name of the code

Do you consider developing this kind of functionality?

Importing tracking codes hasn’t been implemented yet but it could come soon. How many tracking codes do you have anyway? And why do you have so many that you need importing feature?

I made a mistake in asking my question. What would be of greater importance for me is importing chart of accounts, not the tracking codes.

Right now you would need to create individual accounts one by one. There will be importing facility in future.

Thanks for your feedback!