Batch import cash sales & introduction of migration tools

I have hundreds of very tiny cash-sales’ transactions and need to import them.

Why? Because most people use custom billing managers or payment gateways e.g. Stripe, Paypal. These gateways support exporting transactions in CSV, QIF, etc.

@Tut: I don’t know how many people are actually migrating to the Manager but ability to import all stuff, including cash sales would help your conversion rates from existing accounting platforms.

Also, going through the forum I see “Batch import” is the single most requested feature so the Manager should expose some sort of API for developers to deal with it.

I’m not the developer, just a forum moderator.

Then @lubos? I guess.

Why don’t you just post a daily summary and leave the detail within the payment gateway.
These gateways aren’t new, the cash register was the original gateway recording device.

Stores like newsagents, corner shops, take away shops, petrol stations, hotel bars etc etc all have “hundreds of very tiny cash sales transactions” but don’t need to transfer each sale into the accounting system.

The cash register (gateway) summary of the transactions is all that is required, as the cash register “print out” stores the detail.

Thank you for the suggestion; I’ll try doing that.

I assume this is one of the accepted GAAPs, right?

Could you please also mention on what frequency should it be done? Daily, weekly, monthly?

But I still hope I can get access to some sort of API to do these batches if they are too frequent :slight_smile:

Most merchants would do it daily.

I was able to avoid this problem in the first place by adding a new cash-account entitled {Gateway} Checking Account, where {Gateway} is your payment processor.

Because Manager’s IIF import is flimsy and broken, I wrote a little program to get transactions and their fees from Stripe and export to CSV.

Problem solved. Thought to let you know. Thanks for the suggestion though!