Option to Import Cash Account

It would be great if we could import cash accounts just like how we can import Bank accounts in
.qif, .ofx, .qfx, .qbo, .sta, .iif formats.

Yeah, I think I’m going to add new tab Import... to Manager. I don’t like spewing import buttons all over the program. Once this tab is added, you will able to import to cash accounts too.

I have got hundreds of cash account entries to import.

I’m looking to begin using Manager for a cash-only business that has several years-worth of historical transactions to import. Is this feature still in the pipeline?

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Any developments yet?

@taher i think you can just edit your cash on hand account type to cash at bank before you import your transactions. Manager activates import facility as soon you change account type to cash at bank. Give it a try.

Change account type will always needed when we want to import new data each financial period.

The purpose to differentiate Bank and cash accounts is to show it in balance sheet separately.

I agree with @taher if @lubos can add also “Import cash transaction” into the cash accounts module. It will give further value added and time saving to the data clark.

Please consider this improvement in near future since this topic is way old since May 2014.

Thank you @lubos

What an awesome software.

You are reading a four year old thread. Points made that long ago are mostly obsolete now.

Cash transactions can’t be imported because there is nowhere to get a statement.

Yes there is no statement from third party.

But it can be more easier when my client gave me an excel data for their backlog accounting data. Let say for 4 years data period. I’m sure all accountant may face this backlog situation.

Please consider this suggestion.

Read the Guide about batch operations.