Batch create Customers taking too long and does not complete


I am trying to batch create customers on my online manager portal (cloud edition) but when I try to start the batch create operation it gets stuck in the loading phase and does not move forward. This happens only when I have multiple customers (anything more than 1). When I do a batch create with a single customer it works. Please check the below images and tell me if I am doing something wrong. Thank you.

Image - Trying to import 2 customers:

You can see the import results below:

Image taken at 6:09 PM

Image taken at 6:44PM

Please anyone that help me would be highly obliged.

Everything looks correct in your screen shots. I just did a test with very similar inputs and it worked fine, completely almost instantaneously.

The only possible complication I can think of is that your customer names might contain hidden characters. Do they show as multiple lines only because the width of the window caused them to wrap in the display? Or are they multi-line entries with line returns?