Suspense Batch Operation

I create batch operation for sales invoice but when I fill the customers in excel (clipboard) with the same name in customer database on manager, it doesn’t work and I got suspense.

This picture is overview from my clipboard before create the batch (see the customer tab with red circle) :

this picture above shows the same name of customers :

this is the result after I click the “Batch Create” in first picture. I got suspense in customer and in “line item” and also in “line account” :

Please help me to solve, thank you.

I have the same problem. I think it’s due to some error in the customer field. You can try the batch update, the customer filed all became strange words (hexadecimal codes).

See below 2 links:

I am still waiting and hope the issue can be resolved soon.

Do you @Hugo have the same problem in “line account” and “line item” ?
I have problem in every single “dropdown menu” such as customer, items, account, inventory location.

This situation will exist everywhere Manager uses a hexadecimal string to identify subsidiary ledgers. You must use the full, 32-character string. Currently, the only way to know what those are is to export to a spreadsheet and correlate them to customers, suppliers, bank accounts, etc. @lubos has said that will end in the future, and you will be able to use plain-language names. Batch operations are undergoing some significant improvements and not everything is fully functional yet.

thank you, and I’ll be waiting you @lubos for this improvements as soon as possible. It really helps clients to import their data for migration or from theri POS.

yes, I have same problem in the account name, but some items are ok, like invoice number and date.

Hope @lubos can help to fix the problem soon. As the import function is important for inputting a large volume of data. Thanks.

yes hope @lubos will solve soon because it really helps us.

Waiting for this also. Thank you!