Basic process for handling investments

I am a sole trader who has almost zero accounting skills so all this is new to me, although from what I have used with the program so far it seems very intuitive!
I have a requirement to borrow money from time to time from a benefactor and want to know the basic steps I need to take and what accounts/journals/entries I need to make to handle receiving those investments and putting them into my Cash Account and then what I need to do when I pay them back.
Basically I’m looking for a Dummies Guide!

It is quite simple .
Under Settings - Chart of Accounts you would create a Balance Sheet Liability account called “Benefactor Loan” or any other suitable name.

Assuming that you have already set a Bank account under the Cash Accounts tab, then you would Receive Money when the benefactor advances you the funds and Spend Money when there are any re-payments,

Have you read any of the Guides, if not, then click on Guides below. They will explain the above in fuller detail.

Thanks - just what I needed!