Starting help


I have started a new business. Please help me in following thing.

  1. How to enter some money in business. (to bank and in cash)
  2. If I have given some services to client or taken some services from a supplier, after quotation, order and invoice. there is an option spend/receive money. how to enter this in journal entries?

Please guide in a way that I have no knowledge of accounts.


The best way to learn how to use this program is to follow the guides. You could also follow the youtube tutorials found on the partners page.

I would start with the settings section of the guides. Settings Guide Explanations

as the start date for example explains how to set up opening balances.

I would not use Journal entries for anything unless there is no other way to enter the transaction. Virtually every transaction can be done without using the journals.


If you are not familiar with double-entry accounting, you will have difficulty with Manager or any other accounting package. I recommend visiting It is free and comprehensive.