BAS Reports - Import Old Reports to New System


Been using Manager for a few years, only upgraded once (towards the start of the year).

On the newer version (22.1.59) the BAS statements have been moved to a different report category. So all my old BAS statements are now shown in the ‘Tax Summary’ report category. The newer version has another report category called ‘Australia/Business Activity Statement’.

Is these any way to transfer my old BAS reports, from the new ‘Tax Summary’ category to the new ‘Australia/Business Activity Statement’ category?

Thanks for any help

I’m not sure about any automated transfer however if you define the reports again (same reporting period), the old BAS reports should show again.

Note in Manager all reports are dynamic, by which I mean they are regenerated from transactions each time you look at them. The only data stored in each report is that shown in the report edit screen.

Hi Patch - thanks for the reply

Yep I understand the reports are dynamic. All my historical records are still intact, so I should have no problem reproducing the BAS statements in the new category.

Really just hoping for a method to transfer the reports from the new ‘Summary’ category, to the specific BAS category.

If memory serves me correctly, in the previous version of the software, BAS reports had their own category (as they do now), just after the update they aren’t located in the BAS report category anymore