BAS report not retaining Layout modification after exiting program

I’m using Mac Ver 21.6.70 in Mojave Ver 10.14.6 and I have been using the layout function in BAS (full) and BAS (Simpler) reports and discovered it does not retain any modification made in Layout after exiting the program. I’m not sure if this is deliberate or a bug.
See changes below

and the

Changes are held whilst moving between companies, however after existing Manager the changes to Layout are lost and need to be re-entered. This seems a little pointless for reporting purposes.

Can anyone assist please.

Regards, Damien

System supplied localisation are not designed to be modified routinely by users.

  • if you want to add your own changes to a localisation then you need to create a new one. You can open the system supplied localisation in another window for reference.

  • if there’s a general problem with the system localisation you can submit a change request and then Manager’s functionality will be improved for all. See GitHub - Manager-io/Localizations.json

Hello @Patch, thank you for your quick response. I have created BAS for Australia now via Settings > Report Transformations, I was not aware of this option. All now work well.

Thank you.

Regards, Damien

@Damien_C what are you changing on built-in BAS? If there is something wrong with the supplied one, it needs to be fixed globally for everyone.

Hello @lubos, it maybe me setting something incorrectly, I had already set up the GST codes before finding the Import option in Reports for Australia. After the download I modified my settings to match the download model. The codes called in the Business Activity Statement — Full, left all field blank so I changed to what is shown below Business Activity Statement — Full - Aust

and the Business Activity Statement — Simpler - Aust

I’m not currently using the W1 or W2 fields as yet so I just left as is.

I trust this will help.

Regards, Damien

@Damien_C is the issue that you have your own GST tax codes thus imported BAS showing zeroes?

@lubos The codes that I am using are identical to the download and labelled the same as below:-

Regards, Damien

In that case I do not really understand what changes you need to do to imported BAS report.

  • Items in Manager are identified by their GUID not the text used in the tax codes name field.
  • When you import a localisation, the required tax codes (defined by GUID) are imported
  • the localisation calculates amounts based on these GUID defined tax codes

To fix it

  • change the name of your custom tax codes eg “GST 10%” → “GST 10% old”
  • import the localisation again
  • use find & recode to reassign tax codes usage from the old to new
  • when no transactions are using the old tax codes you can delete them

the GUID of your tax codes is shown on the tax code edit screen in the the top right corner in gray. You can compare that to a test business with newly imported localisation tax code GUID

Hello @lubos, The fields called in the download do not match the GST codes required for the fields, See below :-

Regards, Damien

Hello @Patch Thank you, can you please advise where is the “find & recode” option located? Is this a global function?

See Find and recode receipts | Manager
And Find and recode payments | Manager
So no it’s not global and doesn’t cover invoices

I think Manager needs merge function for tax codes. This would fix the issue when users create custom tax codes and then they want to migrate to imported ones.

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Hello @lubos yes that sounds like a great idea, I’m working my way through manually, its a pain, that sounds like a much better solution.