Business Activity Statement Basis


I just created a Business Activity Statement for Australia for 1 Jul to 30 Sep but I wasn’t asked for the basis as previously

I operate on a cash basis but the report was created on an accrual basis, and editing didn’t provide an option to change the basis (ditto previous reports, though they’re correctly on a cash basis)

I found some pointers to Reports Transformations, and I found one for BAS showing accrual basis but changing it to cash and recreating my BAS still gave me an accrual-based report

I also couldn’t see a Report Transformation heading under the Reports tab so I can’t see how to apply a transformation

What am I missing?



Sorry, I should also have said I’m using Cloud Edition so should be on latest version



Sorry for further post…

I found Published checkbox on Report transformation, and checking it displays transformation and header, but clicking the transformation displays list of existing BAS reports

Also, the transformation is dated 23 Oct 2021 which may indicate when this change was applied

I’m tempted to delete the Activity Statement transformation to see if that provides a way to select the basis, hopefully without deleting my existing reports



Yeah, delete it. It shouldn’t be there. That will fix your issue. I’m not sure why in some businesses the upgrade script didn’t delete it automatically.

Thanks, Lubos…it’s gone

Ditto PAYG summary and STP worksheet?