Tax localisation Australia

Hi, I’m setting up a new Australian based business in Manager and I’m struggling to get the localisation sorted. There’s a few tutorials whcih don’;t seem to match up with the options available in the program. Anyone able to point me in the right direction with this. My immediate issue is that I can’t show GST in invoices but I’m guessing there are many other related issues which I have yet to encounter. Currently using manager Version 21.8.53


Please upgrade to the latest version (23.2.17) before reporting any issues.

Following @Lubos advice you can find the latest versions either at or Releases · Manager-io/Manager · GitHub

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Just giving this thread a bit of a bump.

I’m currently using the current version

I need a little direction in getting the GST to appear in my receipts and payments etc.


When you set up a new business, select the country Australia and the new business will include under the Reports tab the BAS and other Australian tax reports. The tax codes can be viewed and edited under Settings.

Have you looked at this section of the Guides and followed their directions?

Business Localization: Add localized settings and features | Update localizations and report transformations

Thanks. I did set it up as Australian but the tax codes were not automatically generated (am I correct in my understanding that they should have been?). Anyway it looks like I will need to set up tax codes and that hopefully will get things sorted.

I just created an Australian test business in Manager v23.7.3.860 and it creates the tax codes as in screenshot below:

So whatever you did, you did not do it correctly.

@Splint when the tax codes are set up you will also need to select the tax code for each transaction or set the default tax code to each account in the Chart of Accounts.