Bank summary vs Receipt & Payment - Different treatment in reports

i observe the report works this way :

Bank summary - Mr X - received 100,000 inr - 15 March 2022
Mr.X Payment 200,000 inr 25 May 20222

shown seperately

REceipt & Summary - Mr. X Payment 100,000 inr

can there be same approach. This reports goes for a toss when these two txn happen in two different months in receipts and payments

I am sorry, @Partha, but your post is not understandable.

First, it is not clear which reports you are referring to. Are you referring to the Bank Account Summary and the Receipts & Payments Summary? If so, please use those titles so other forum members know what you mean.

Second, assuming those are the reports you are discussing, neither of them would refer to Mr. X or anyone else. The Bank Account Summary shows inflows/outflows for income and expense accounts during a defined period for a selected cash or bank account. It also shows inter account transfers affecting the cash or bank account, which do not involve income or expense accounts.

The Receipts & Payments Summary shows receipts/payments posted to income and expense accounts from all cash and bank accounts. There is no reason to expect the two reports to be identical.

What does this refer to? What is shown separately and where? And are you saying to should not be? Or are you only observing that something is?

No. The reports are intended to show different things.

What do you mean by this? Both reports cover transactions during the defined period(s). Their content is determined by more than the span of dates. One covers a single cash or bank account. The other shows receipts and payments from/to all cash and bank accounts.


Bank summary show the sum of inflow and outflow separately for an account for a specific period.

But receipts and payment for the same specific period of the same account shows net of inflow and outflow.

Recommend that receipts and payment also follow the logic of bank summary

Hope i have communicated properly

Bank summary receipt

HL-RAD 1,100,100.00

Bank summary payment

HL-RAD 2,200,100.00

In receipt and payment it has only this entry for the same period

Payment side one entry

HL-RAD 1,100,000.00

This is not correct and may be the source of your misunderstanding. The Receipts & Payments Summary does not show a single cash or bank account the way the Bank Account Summary does. It shows receipts and payments for all cash and bank accounts simultaneously.

This is not possible, because—as I already wrote—the reports show different things. The logic behind the reports cannot be the same.


In both report, it is summing on the basis of GL named HL-RAD.

bank summary - inflow and outflow are summed and shown separately

Receipt and summary - inflow and outflow are netted ;

Only submission is to explore the option whether in R&S show inflow and outflow separately on basis of GL - HL- RAD

Ignore, if it is too complicated and sorry for being pushy

Can you please illustrate what you are discussing with screen shots?

HL RADHA - HAS TWO ENTRIES ONE IN receipt and one in payment - bank summary
HL RADHA has only one net entry in receipts and payment.

Click on the 1,990,000 blue link in R&P you may have +2,200,000 and -220,100 in the Payment statement while the bank account will have allocated it separately. In other words in R&P you did not allocate the 220,100 as a Receipt but as a Payment.

my suggestion was that the receipt and payment report also display the receipt and payment separately than net off and provide. data is available but reflects net position for an account for that period

Please check as advised. You must have put the receipts and the payments to the same profit and loss account. You must put receipts in for example a Revenue-Sales account and the Payments in a Goods Cost Account.

The two reports are reporting two different things - although they are related

The Bank Summary is reporting on how the movements in the bank account affected the different income, expense, asset and liability accounts

The Receipts and Payments reports just lists the receipts & payments

Please show the edit screen of the transaction you are asking about


i am suggesting that my receipt and payment is consolidation of my multiple bank summary ; however the treatment in the software query output is different. In my observation receipts and payment must be on gross basis like bank summary rather than net basisi

@Partha, if I understand you correctly, it seems that you are now not claiming the program is making errors, but only that you would prefer a different report design than the developer chose. That may indicate some progress because, when you began this thread, you did not seem to realize the two reports were meant to show different things.

However, because neither the Bank Account Summary nor the Receipts and Payments Summary is commonly considered one of the principal financial statements, I don’t believe your arguments will carry much weight with the developer. Ten users would probably design ten different versions of similar reports. It is not possible to say that the developer’s approach is wrong, only that it differs from what you would have designed yourself.

Sometimes, if we want specific report formats, we need to create the reports ourselves, either by using or adapting custom reports or by building a report from scratch from raw data. I will note that no one else has ever made the complaint you are making. Nor, during the two months between your being asked to illustrate your point and your recent responses did anyone else join the discussion in support of your request. Perhaps that is because your request has shifted. More likely, it is because other users find the current formats adequate for their intended purposes.

i agree. however if the software provides for changing the report with various parameters, it would go a great way as custom reports have their own limitation. Consider if it is possible